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Qiao Yue plastic material





SIL·MORE in Taipei, Taiwan in 1996, the beginning of the establishment of the Corporation.



Address:No.90 Tiancheng Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China Yushan town north of the city, private development zone

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Qiao Yue plastic material

Joe Yue message
2018/08/07 11:08

With the rapid development of emerging industries, Qiao Yue Group is actively researching the application of electronic glue in all walks of life, with the competitive advantage of professional innovation as the mainstay, providing customers with the most satisfactory and perfect service. During the Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition, the automation equipment lubricants and module assembly rubber products were exhibited in response to the development of Industry 4.0, which was well received by customers.

Under the trend of global industry and population structure, traditional manufacturing industry, like most other industries, is undergoing digital transformation, coupled with the rise of Industry 4.0, the transformation of industrial production into intelligent manufacturing, and even today's development-oriented industrial type. . Therefore, enterprises are constantly exploring new technologies, introducing system monitoring technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, deepening the application of industrial robots in various industries, realizing fully automated production lines to improve productivity and manufacturing efficiency, and through intelligent equipment. Improve personnel safety.

Qiao Yue Industrial said that in the application field of AIOT, the application of robots is becoming more and more extensive, no longer limited to the production line, but also gradually enters daily life in the fields of transportation, medicine, service and family. Among them, 70% of industrial robots are used in many fields such as automobiles, electronics and metal machinery, which can be regarded as the most demanding market. The main structures of robot technology applications include sensor components, precision gear mechanisms, motor actuators, control software, and even module components such as materials and batteries. Therefore, Qiao Yue Group integrates materials supply in the electronics industry and automation industry. Provides assembly and lubrication of Molyk MOLYKOTE special lubricants on the robot module to meet the low cost requirements of the market and to meet the stability of the terminal application.

Combined with the application of Internet of Things technology, future sensor devices will be widely used. Currently, they are widely used in CCD, COMS and infrared sensors. For example, image sensors commonly used with lenses are used to simulate human eyes on RGB red, green and blue. In response to the three primary colors, an infrared filter is required to avoid infrared interference; in the advancement of CCD and CMOS semiconductor wafer fabrication techniques, the image sensor can read the Pixel very fine. Qiao Yue Group has been providing key adhesive applications for these product technologies, such as white LEDs in CCD and traditional infrared sensing LED materials. Dow Corning optical adhesive series; UV-SIL epoxy type in CMOS lens modules. UV+Thermal light curing adhesive; and various component assembly application related rubber products. For more information, please contact Qiao Yue's official website: http://eclab.silmore.com.tw/ .

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