Sometimes you will not receive a letter sent by Joe (such as an order or membership notice and e-newsletter...etc)?

Please listen to our suggestions below


The system will send a notification email (such as order notification, membership notice, message notification, order follow-up contact, Qiao Yue telegram, password query, etc.) when certain events occur. Divided into two categories:


First, the Joey Service Mailbox XXXX is the sender (usually the system is to be sent to the customer)

Second, the customer's EMAIL account as the sender (usually the customer to send to Joe Yue)




If you do not receive the letter, please go to the spam folder to find out if there is any such letter. If so, please list the sender as "safe list"

Mail problems cannot be sent (or returned to spam), and the possible causes are very broad and not caused by a single factor.

If the mail is delivered normally, the mailing host and the receiving host must operate normally. If one of the two parties appears, the mail will not be delivered. The mailing host is Joe's mail host, and the receiving host is the recipient's mail host (such as yahoo or hiset). Generally, large-scale free mail hosts (such as yahoo or hinet) use higher standards to prevent spam advertisements. The most common occurrence is to judge normal letters as spam messages or even refuse to send them to garbage folders (usually Say, if the recipient does not set the mail rules, when the YAHOO mail host receives a strange letter, it will automatically archive to the junk folder, which is impossible to solve)


If you use YAHOO mailbox, because this large free host is usually too busy, it is very common for the letter to arrive 2 days later or not at all (so-called drop rate).

You can go to Google to check the "yahoo mailbox drop rate" ... you can find that 100,000 pens are complaining about the letter (PS: Don't go to Yahoo check because they have been deleted by Yahoo!!) 87+&btnG=Google+%E6%90%9C%E5%B0%8B&meta=&aq=f


If you are very concerned about the letter, we suggest you to use GMAIL's mailbox.


If you can't find the letter in the spam mailbox, you can only recognize it. The Joe E-mail host is maintained by professional engineers in the company, and we attach great importance to whether the letter can be delivered correctly and we have done a lot of hard work. Do, we are more confident that our mail host is ok, but YAHOO has a problem with the letter (this seems to be in the dodge, but this is the fact, please forgive me) but generally speaking, the proportion of customers receiving the letter is very low, maybe one There will be one in a thousand


PS1: Joe solves the problem of letter drop. Any letter sent by Joe's mail host will be backed up. You can find all the mails that have been sent in the upper right corner of your website [you have xx new messages], you can Then [send again], you can send the mail again.


PS2: In order to prevent letters from being dropped, important letters such as orders, etc., Joe's mail host will send a backup letter every few minutes to ensure that the letter can arrive correctly.