How to clear CACHE

Please follow the instructions below


If your browser has not cleared CACHE for a long time, it may cause the image file to be unable to update. The page speed is slower.. The page cannot be opened or can not be logged in.....etc.


IE browser clear CACHE mode:


(1) Click [Tools] --> [Internet Options] above the browser, click [Delete File], and check [Delete Internet Temporary File]

( 2 ) Close all browsers, open a new browser and try again to see if it is normal.


Google Chrome browser clears CACHE mode:


(1) Click the three small dots on the top right of the browser --> [Settings], pull to the bottom point [Display Advanced Settings]--> Click [Clear Browse Data]--> Check [Cache Picture And file]

( 2 ) Close all browsers, open a new browser and try again to see if it is normal.


※ What is CACHE: In order to speed up the display of the webpage, the browser IE will automatically copy the image you have seen on your personal computer (this copied image is called CACHE). When you look at this page next time, you will directly display this picture on your computer, instead of going back to the website host to capture a new image file, in order to speed up the purpose. But it caused your picture to always show the past image file instead of the real image file on the real website host. Cache Although the original intention is to speed up the display speed, but too much cache will slow down the display speed (because he has to keep looking for information on your hard drive, you can look at the red light on the hard disk of the computer. In the flash, he is busy looking at the cache), you should clear the cache in your computer.