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Touch key material Joe pushes UV optical bonding glue





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Touch key material Joe pushes UV optical bonding glue

Product knowledge
2017/10/31 10:31
近年来物联网时代的加速到来,可预想智慧触控技术的应用将更为广泛,搭载整合IoT、娱乐影音的触控面板逐渐成为随车标配,让车用面板每年二位数的成长潜力,也带动了相关材料的供应链变革。在车用面板上,除组装用的结构胶之外,光学贴合胶是非常重要的一环,除了光学特性佳的必要条件外,还需要高耐候性、能通过上千小时高温高湿等车用可靠度验证的严苛门槛,才能够被面板大厂青睐。 目前业界常用的光学贴合胶中,矽胶的耐候性

In recent years, the acceleration of the Internet of Things era, it is expected that the application of smart touch technology will be more extensive, and the touch panel with integrated IoT and entertainment audio and video will gradually become the standard on-board, giving the car panel the annual growth potential of two digits. It also led to the transformation of the supply chain of related materials. On the vehicle panel, in addition to the structural adhesive for assembly, optical adhesive is a very important part. In addition to the necessary optical characteristics, it also requires high weather resistance, high temperature and high humidity through thousands of hours. The strict threshold for vehicle reliability verification can be favored by panel manufacturers.


Among the optical adhesives commonly used in the industry, the weather resistance, penetration rate, and shrinkage ratio of silicone rubber are relatively stable and excellent compared to acrylic and epoxy resins. Dow Corning, the first US brand to be represented by Qiao Yue Industrial, has introduced a new VE-5002H two-component optical adhesive for the thermosetting process, which has excellent adhesion, optical properties and weather resistance, and is suitable for military regulations. And car gauge panel. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of other customers' UV curing process, and to launch the single-agent UV-curable optical silicone VE-6001UV, it can not only shorten the curing time, increase the production capacity, but also eliminate the need for two-component mixing. The mixing and vacuum defoaming process saves manpower and time costs.


With the continuous evolution and innovation of touch technology and new products, Qiao Yue Industrial is a key material integration supplier, providing a wide range of corresponding products to meet the needs of customers: glass surface treatment agent, glass bonding Weiba glue, optics Bonding materials, printed circuit carbon paste/silver paste, wire reinforcement and protective materials, peelable adhesive, insulating waterproof adhesive, room temperature curing adhesive, room temperature curing conductive adhesive, etc., to speed up production efficiency and increase productivity To achieve green environmental protection, reduce waste, continue to reduce costs and improve the reliability of display quality, in order to create more emerging markets and opportunities in the relevant industry chain.

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