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Qiao Yue electronic glue solution actively invested in car power





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Qiao Yue electronic glue solution actively invested in car power

Joe Yue message
2018/04/11 11:10

The global automotive electronics industry has accelerated in recent years. Many automakers, chip vendors, and software vendors have invested in autonomous driving technology and testing. Major automakers have demonstrated autopilot related products. Among them, the electric driving and advanced driving assistant system (ADAS) technology is the project that the global big car factory is actively investing in research and development. Through the development of electric vehicles, it can be used for independent detection of the outside environment, such as Guangda. Sensors, radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, lens imaging systems and navigation (GPS) and automotive semiconductor technology development, automotive intelligence, automation, electrification, and sharing, in this most promising trend industry, smart cars The use of electronics will be amazing growth and not to be underestimated.


Among them, Tesla is the leader of electric vehicles and is almost synonymous with electric vehicles. Therefore, the era of pure electric vehicles has become “closer and closer”. All automobile brands have hybrid electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles, and there is no relative battery technology. Questions will play a very important role. Qiao Yue Industrial's DOWSIL 1-2577 moisture-proof insulating coated silica gel is applied to the battery management system (BMS), which makes the BMS board dustproof, water repellent and antistatic, and meets UL-94V0 and MIL-I. -46058C certification. In addition, DOWSIL CN-8760 thermal potting compound provides materials with waterproof, good insulation, high and low temperature resistance, shock absorption buffer and thermal insulation for the battery modules designed by each factory, so that the power battery module can pass the strict use of the vehicle. Relevant weathering conditions and achieve the best performance of the product.


In terms of automotive components, Qiao Yue Industrial Distribution Co., Ltd. sells the special lubricants of the Dow MOLYKOTE series of Dow Chemicals, which are aimed at the main five major systems in the car: engine system, engine accessory system, brake system brake system, chassis, Suspension chassis, suspension system, body, interior body and interior, to meet the high temperature and high load requirements of automotive components, high stability and good wear resistance, can be used as long service life, harsh operating conditions Lubricants match the needs of the automotive industry in the future.


In recent years, Qiao Yue Industrial has actively invested in the supply of electronic materials for the automotive component industry. It has cooperated with well-known car manufacturers and module assembly manufacturers to accumulate rich experience in the application of automotive key materials and has the support of the professional technical team of Dow Chemical. At the same time, Qiao Yue Industrial always grasps business opportunities, and with the innovative technical experience and market acumen accumulated by the material distribution agent, it provides complete and novel electronic glue solutions to meet the needs of high reliability automotive products in materials application, and the car factory. And the module factory jointly developed a better product, in order to benefit the automotive electronics industry has a place. Joe Yue presented a variety of solutions at the Taipei International Auto Electronics Show from April 11th to 14th. The booth number: L0013, welcome to visit.

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