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Corporate Social Responsibility - Social Care





SIL·MORE in Taipei, Taiwan in 1996, the beginning of the establishment of the Corporation.



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Corporate Social Responsibility - Social Care

Social welfare
2018/09/04 12:01
联合国的17项永续发展目标当中,乔越在「积极的社会参与」上达成改善的目标可达八项之多。  乔越积极的参与回馈社会,对贫困学生、智能障碍、银发老人、弱势家庭之关怀与急难救助支持,可以直接或间接的达成包括「消除贫穷」、「消除饥饿」、「良好健康与社会福利」,以及「良质教育」等四项目标;而净滩、净山等公益活动作为,也可以展现乔越对「气候行动」、「保育及维护生态领地」、「海洋生态」、「洁净的水和卫生设施」等

Qiao Yue Trading


Qiao Yue Trading

Among the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, Joe Yue’s goal of achieving improvement in “active social participation” can reach as many as eight.

  Joe is actively involved in giving back to the society. The support for poor students, intellectual disabilities, silver-haired elderly, and vulnerable families can be directly or indirectly achieved, including “eliminating poverty”, “eliminating hunger”, and “good health and social welfare”. And four objectives such as "good quality education"; and the public activities such as the clean beach and the net mountain can also show Joe Yue's "climate action", "conservation and maintenance of ecological territory", "marine ecology" and "cleanliness". The concept and practice of four issues, such as water and sanitation

  Since its inception, the responsible person of Qiao Yue has been continuously committed to the internal: the establishment of the welfare committee and various sports and social welfare organizations, providing employees with a happy workplace; external: from time to time through donations and Participate in public welfare activities to give back to the society and do a corporate social responsibility; and in 2015, in view of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Qiao Yue Enterprise Group, to participate in the public welfare activities to be more efficient and to promote colleagues to participate in the public welfare activities The internal voluntary promotion will establish a team of public welfare organizations to organize more systematic and effective planning and plan for more complete and effective social welfare activities. The commitment of the company is committed to promoting sustainable economic development, with employees and their families. The community and the society work together to improve the quality of life of the social population

Social Care – Contributions (Contributions)

  Qiao Yue has taken a donation that is appropriate to the actual needs: regular grants to the disadvantaged children and the elderly and helpless old people through the social welfare organizations, just like Mencius’ old and old, young and young, and human In the concept of “young” promotion, Qiao Yue also fully practiced the spirit of “eliminating poverty”, “eliminating hunger” and establishing “good health and social welfare” for the sustainable development of the United Nations. And from time to time, through the internal staff of Qiao Yue, the staff is kindly gathered to collect second-hand clothing supplies and donate money to provide units for weak and urgent needs

  The spirit of charity covers the contributions of economic donations, community services, and other resources. Joe has taken practical measures to help the community meet its needs and use its own capabilities to help solve some of the problems that exist in the social circle

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Public interest image – community cooperation

  By participating in the donations of the school sports clubs, Joe has developed relationships with neighbors and young people, actively engaged in dialogue with the social community, helped to achieve social progress through community development, and encouraged young people to achieve positive goals and make them The progress of the country has fully contributed. Among the sponsored clubs, Yang Yazhu, a classmate, participated in the 2017 World Youth Women's Weight and Competition and won the bronze medal. It reflects the "Good Health and Social Welfare" and "Quality Education" in the Sustainable Development Goals

Qiao Yue Trading

Community Relations - Volunteer Service

  Since the establishment of Qiao Yue Community, it has actively participated in various charitable activities to give back to the society. The annual North Coast coastline, or the net mountain in the mountainous areas, and the forest re-education and tree planting activities, have fulfilled the promise of “climate action” for the environment. , "Conservation and maintenance of ecological territory", "Clean water and sanitation facilities". The activities carried out in succession include: 2016 Repulse Bay Clean Beach, 2016 Seeds Fu. Zhifu. Xifu Activities, 2017 Guanyinshan Jingshan, 2017 Native Forest Rehabilitation, 2018 North Coast Gongga Coastal Beach and so on

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Qiao Yue Trading

Joe is more active and the core value of service

  In the few years that have been recorded, Joe’s total donations and expenditures on education, community, neighborhoods, etc. have exceeded NT$5 million (excluding personal contributions from general managers), including: vulnerable groups. Donations, purchase of teaching equipment, student subsidies for cold and sports sponsorship, environmental protection, and various family disability, disaster donations, etc

  Qiao Yue’s parents led the employees to give back to the society and spare no effort to actively participate in social welfare. It also fulfilled the core values ​​of Qiao Yue’s positive and service

Donated institution

◆Eden Social Welfare Foundation

◆Corporate Corporation Taiwan Care Home Association

◆New North City Bethel Whole Person Care Association

◆Xisong High School Parents' Meeting – Boxing Team

◆New North City Social Affairs Bureau – Relief Report Specialist

◆Corporate corporation New Taipei City Blind Welfare Association

◆French Gushan Humanities and Social Foundation

◆ Catholic Hualien Diocese Medical Foundation

◆Taiwan Children and Family Support Foundation

◆Huashan Foundation

◆ Creation Foundation

◆Daguang Children's Home

◆Corporate corporation Taiwan Charity Alliance

◆ Catholic Sacred Heart Nursery School

◆Jianzhong Leqi Team


◆Taiwan World Vision

◆All kinds of disability help


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