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Silicone condensation type DOWSILTM SE 4485 TC SILICONE CV RTV TC=2.7W WHITE,330ML=960G-CRT

Heat conduction


Tannin condensation type

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Product Detail

Appearance color: white

Fluidity:30 mm – 60mm

Temperature range (°C): -45°C~+200°C

Storage conditions: 25 ° C (77 ° F)

Hardness (Shore): A76

Packing: 280G/330ML

Applications: IC substrate, housing and cover, power supply components, LED and aluminum substrate, thermal bonding between IC and heat sink

Curing conditions: 48Hrs@RTV

Mixing ratio: single liquid type

Volume resistivity (ohm*cm): 1.0E+15

Dry time (@25°C/min): 10

Certification: UL-94V0

Date of manufacture / product validity: 9 months

Density (g/cm3): 2.9

Tensile strength (psi): 492

Insulation strength (KV/mm): 19

Thermal conductivity (Watts/meter°C): 2.8

UL fire rating 1: UL94V-0