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Silicone addition phenyl phthalate DOW CORNING OE 6652 A-B OPTICAL ENCAPSULANT CLEAR

Two-liquid thermosetting optical grade silicone


Silicone rubber

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Product Detail

Appearance color: transparent

Viscosity (mPa.s): 4,400

Temperature range (°C): -45~200

Storage conditions: 12M@25°C

Hardness: D60

Packing: 1.875Kg/Kit

Applications: wafer protection

Curing conditions: 150 ° C x 2 Hrs

Mixing ratio: 1:4

Certification: RoHS/HF

Date of manufacture / product validity: 12 months

Elongation (%): 100

Tensile strength (psi): 8.1

Glass transition temperature (Tg): 37

Refractive index: 1.53

Optical properties (light transmittance or reflectance) thickness (3.2mm): 100%

Specific gravity (g/ML): 1.1

Then force-wafer thrust value (Mpa): 5.9

Optical type: high

A agent viscosity (m.Pas): 12,200

B agent consistency (m.Pas): 3,400

Moisture permeability (g/m2/24h, 40C/90%): 13.7

Oxygen permeability (cm3/m2/24h): 508

Linear thermal expansion coefficient (PMM/ °C): 210