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Silicone Plus Forming DOWSILTM Q2-1345 DILUENT, 340G-CAN

High purity, non-volatile silicone liquid solvent, can be evaporated at room temperature, no residue, no ozone layer, no fumes and odorless during use. High purity, complete evaporation at room temperature


Silicone rubber molding

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Product Detail

Appearance color: transparent

Viscosity (mPa.s): 2

Storage conditions: 12M@25°C

Packing: 340g/can

Product application: special thinner for semiconductor silicone

Applications: High purity diluent (methyl silicone)

Mixing ratio: single liquid type

Certification: RoHS/HF

Date of manufacture / product validity: 30 months

Density: 0.948

Refractive index: 1.41

Optical properties (light transmittance or reflectance) thickness (3.2mm): >90%

Specific gravity (g/ML): 0.95

Optical type: general refractive index