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Conductive carbon glue ASKMI GF-2005K

FPC, PET soft board resistor body


Conductive carbon glue

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Product Detail

Appearance color: black carbon gel

Viscosity (mPa.s): 250 to 300

Storage conditions: 25 ° C

Packing: 1KG-CAN

Specific impedance: 4.8-5.2KΩ/□

Product application: conductive carbon glue

Applications: FPC, PET soft board resistors

Curing conditions: 150 ° C / 30 minutes

Adhesion: 100/100

Surface hardness: ≧H

Applicable operation mode: for screen printing

Mixing ratio: single liquid type

Volume resistivity (ohm*cm): ≧1011Ω-cm

Date of manufacture / product validity: 4 months