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Silicone Condensation De-alcoholization DOWSILTM 3-6265 THIXOTROPIC ADHESIVE BLACK, 400G-CRT

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Tannin condensation condensation dealcoholization

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Product Detail

Appearance color: black

Viscosity (mPa.s): 1,020,000

Temperature range (°C): -45°C~+200°C

Storage conditions: 5 ° C

Hardness (Shore): A60

Packing: 21Kg/Pail

Application range: high strength / thick layer bonding

Curing conditions: 1Hr@125°C/30Mins@150°C

Mixing ratio: single liquid type

Volume resistivity (ohm*cm): 4.7E+14

Date of manufacture / product validity: 12 months

Density (g/cm3): 1.34

Elongation (%): 165

Tensile strength (psi): 700

Insulation strength (KV/mm): 21

Linear thermal expansion coefficient: 275

Specific gravity (g/ML): 1.34