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Silicone variant SIL-MORE SFX 8358 STPU ADHESIVE WHITE,300ML=380G-CRT

Fast curing, fast process speed and excellent toughness


Silicone variant

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Product Detail

Appearance color: beige / white / black

Viscosity (mPa.s): 18,000~28,000/100,000~153,000/90,000~150,000

Temperature range (°C): -40°C~+80°C

Storage conditions: 25 ° C @ 6M

Shore (Shore): 23/40/40 (A)

Packing: 170ML/Tube, 300ML/Cartridge

Scope of application: bonding, sealing and pouring of plastic, metal and glass, widely used in the assembly and fixing of electronic and lighting fixtures

Curing conditions: 24Hrs@RTV

Mixing ratio: single liquid type

Volume resistivity (ohm*cm): 2.1X1011

Dry time (@25°C/min): 15Mins

Density (g/cm3): 1/1.15/1.2

Elongation (%): 250

Insulation strength (KV/mm): 13

Thermal conductivity (Watts/meter°C): 0.23

Linear thermal expansion coefficient: 194PPM

Working time (@25°C/HR): 30Mins